Yellow and Grey Wedding Ideas


Yellow and Grey Wedding Theme


Yellow & Gray Wedding Theme

For a modern wedding color combination, opt for yellow and gray tones. This will create a warm and vibrant atmosphere that will be sure to get your guests out of their seats and onto the dance floor.

Ideal For: This wedding color scheme is ideal for summer weddings.

What Do These Wedding Colors Mean?

Yellow Palettes: Optimistic, cheery, and packed full of happy thoughts…Yellow is the kick your shoes off and dance kind of color. Lovely with colors like navy, latte, red, or even orange- Yellow has endless possibilities. But one thing is for sure- Yellow is 100 % fun! Perfect for Spring or Summer weddings. We’re seeing this color pop up quite often here lately because of the fun factor it brings with it.

Gray Palettes: Modern, understated and sleek! Gray is an extremely popular color and it’s popping up everywhere in the world of weddings. Recently, gray has become the hottest neutral there is because it goes perfectly with virtually any color. Pair it with colors like yellow, red or plum for the ultimate perfect palette. Gray is the new black!